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Cards are one of the best ways to increase a person’s purchasing power. They also offer rewards on your spending, such as cashback and discounts.

A Wide Range of Credit Cards To Choose From
Bank Name Joining Fee Minimum Required Income Apply Card
AU Bank Credit Card Rs. 200 onwards Depends on the Card Variant Apply now
HDFC Bank Credit Card Rs. 499 + GST. Salaried – Rs. 20,000 p.m Self-Employed – 6 Lakhs p.a Apply now
IDFC Credit Card
Life Time Free
1. Salaried- 25K net Monthly Salary 2. Self Employed- 3 Lac Annual Income Apply now


  • A credit card is a plastic card issued by a financial institution, such as a bank, that allows you to borrow money to make purchases or pay for services. It provides a line of credit, which you can use for transactions, subject to repayment with interest.
  • Credit cards work by allowing you to make purchases on credit. When you use your card, the issuer lends you the money for the transaction. You are then required to repay the borrowed amount, either in full or in minimum monthly installments.
  • A credit limit is the maximum amount of money you can borrow on your credit card. It’s set by the card issuer based on your creditworthiness and financial situation.

The APR is the interest rate applied to any outstanding balances on your credit card. It represents the cost of borrowing and can vary depending on the type of transaction (purchases, cash advances) and your credit history.

Minimum monthly payments are the smallest amount you must pay each month on your credit card balance. It typically includes interest and a portion of the principal balance. Paying only the minimum can lead to long-term debt and higher interest costs.